The 12 Steps

1) We are powerless over our lives. We dishonor God and hurt ourselves and others on a daily basis.


2) We believe that God can and does daily forgive our sins for Jesus’ sake – liberating and renewing our lives through the work of the Holy Spirit.


3) Trusting in the promise of new life given in Baptism, we live daily in the recreating work of the Holy Spirit through the Gospel.


4) We make a searching and fearless inventory of our sinful attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors that require immediate attention.


5) We admit to ourselves, to God, and at least one other Christian the exact nature of our sins. Mindful of the comforting and reassuring benefits of individual absolution, we value the gift of confessing our burdens before the pastor and receiving forgiveness from God through him.


6) By God’s grace through the Holy Spirit we become ready for God to remove our sinful behavior.


7) We humbly ask God to remove our sinful behaviors.


8) Make a list of all persons we have harmed, and be willing to make amends to them all.


9) Make direct amends to such persons whenever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.


10) Continue day by day to take a personal inventory, and when we sin, repent and receive God’s forgiveness and life-renewing power, and then respond in responsible Christian ways.


11) Receive God’s Word and the Lord’s Supper to enrich our relationship with God, and daily use God’s Word with prayer to discover a clearer understanding of God’s will that the Holy Spirit enables us to carry out.


12) Carry the good news of Jesus’ life renewing work to people who need His gracious gift to deal with a variety of concerns and, finally, seek to express our growing Christian maturity in all aspects of life.


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