About Us

We come from all walks of life.  Each person has their story, and every one of us has their problems.  We came together because we were desperate.  Our lives were out of control.  We hurt ourselves and our families.  Some of us destroyed our lives with drugs.  Others hurt their families with their anger.  Still others could barely get out of bed because of depression.  Some could not see food with out stuffing themselves.  Some of us cannot help but look at pornography.  While others had issues they thought too small.  But we all learned we are powerless.  Be it big or small, we had no control over our lives.  We were trapped.  Each one of us as addicted as the next person.


Hope found us.


Broken and alone, hope found us.  In the darkness of our despair a light sprang forth.  Jesus broke into our lives shattering the very bonds that were killing us.  He brought us to the foot of His cross and His empty grave and gave us life.   As He gave us life, He gave us the most incredible gift.  Himself.  For, Jesus is greater than anything we can ever do.  There is no problem too big and no problem too small, He takes them all.  And because Jesus took all our problems to the grave, we are no longer defined by the hurts we caused or the things we did, but by the hope He has given us in His life.  In Jesus, we are new and alive.  And we want to share that hope with you.


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